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Beer Pong... It's A Game
Games to play while drinking have cultivated and progressed over the ages among drinkers almost everywhere. No one said every game was a good one though, that's why it's difficult to make a decision on the greatest ones to learn. If you've been put in this predicament before then lighten up because these 3 games are the most popular and worth trying.

Flip, Sip, or Strip is an easy and exciting game to play with a few friends or a big group. Really all the game requires is you, some friends, and a quarter. Just like the game heads or tails, call out one and hope it lands on that side. If you get it wrong you must pick to take a shot or strip a piece of your clothing off. The only rule of thumb is you can't choose 3 shots in a row or 3 strips in a row.

The second to best game played while drinking is Flip Cup. Simply fill 4 or 5 cups with beer on both edges of the table. You take turns with the other player trying to throw the ping pong ball into their cups, similar to a relay. Every cup you make must be consumed first and flipped right side up on the edge of the table before you shoot the ball again.

Honestly the only sport that's really worth playing is Beer Pong. It's possible to play on any table you want, but best results come from using official cheap beer pong tables. Take around 6 or ten for an official game and sort them in to a triangular shape. Fill each cup with a shot of beer or liquor evenly on both sides and shoot a ping pong ball taking turns back and forth. Getting drunk wasn't any easier than beer pong they say.


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